Crystal & Glass

This is a sample of hand drawn (etched) work in 2 crystal vases, done for my 2 son’s wedding engagements. (Click to enlarge). I have done other work in small glasses for family and friends.

The glasses at the bottom right are very popular, because they are dual purpose! They are great for any place you enjoy a small beverage (nightstand, restroom etc) and are made with tempered glass, so you can put a votive candle in them! Adding a votive candle, inside a colored votive-sized glass, brings this hand-etched glass to life in your favorite color! These glasses are my most-requested artwork, other than wine bottle engraving. Let me make one for YOU! Email me for details at Curator@YouRock.ROCKS and see real customer’s opinions of my work at

Yes, I also engrave WINE BOTTLES in custom fonts, unlike the mass produced wedding scripts. These are not sandblasted like done in mass production. Each is drawn by hand with rotary tools (dental drills) and diamond bits, carved under jewelers magnification glasses. If you might be interested in a custom piece, email Curator@YouRock.ROCKS  and see real customer’s opinions of my work at