Bas Relief Stones

These are stones which are large enough to allow me to hand carve “raised letters”. This means rock is shaved away from each letter, and this process is repeated in several layers, to create the effect of raised letters. Because of the different sizes, time required to complete one, plus the number of tools destroyed by the process, these tend to be expensive. Email me to discuss what you want, and I will quote you a fair price.

These are not your run-of-the-mill sandblasted stones. Sandblasting requires a template, which means hundreds are quickly cranked out, and they are all identical. My stones are carved by hand, using diamond tipped tools. These are all one of a kind, true art. They are signed and numbered by me.

They make great desktop art, and remind you that YOU ROCK all day long. Of course custom messages can be done as well! If you would like a quote, email me at