Welcome to the site! These are the ORIGINAL Hand Carved Stones bearing the popular message YOU ROCK! Since they are handmade, no two are alike. Check out the menu for more images, info, and prices. Below is info about what makes each piece absolutely unique. And by the way, YOU ROCK! I also do hand-engraved Crystal, Glass, and Wine Bottles – see them from the Menu! See real customer’s opinions of my work at http://yourock.rocks/testimonials/

The process starts at several quarries, where I sift through hundreds of stones to see “personality”. This includes the color, the texture, how it sits on a flat surface, what kind of rock it is, and more. These can be small enough to fit in your hand or large enough to use on a desk or as a doorstop!

Then, I determine what I want to have on the rock in terms of presence and spacing. I use my own personal font, which I developed many years ago. Many rocks out there use sandblasting and generic templates, so they all look the same, and dozens can be cranked out per hour. I take the opposite approach. I treat each rock as its own creation, evaluating size, texture and color for a truly unique outcome. Each one is signed and numbered.

Two techniques are used: Engraving (or “carving in”) or Bas Relief (or carving around each letter or image, to make it project outward). Bas Relief is the kind of method used in the art of ancient Egypt, but is usually done on flat surfaces. I perform this technique on rounded, angled surfaces! This in itself makes each piece unique, one of a kind art. Each one is signed and numbered.

Carefully carving around and between the letters is a very time consuming, tool consuming process. It is not unusual for one piece to require several weeks, in some cases a couple of months. I originally made them for family at special occasions only, and now offer them to interested buyers by commission. The stones themselves can weigh from 3 to 20+ pounds.

My small engraved (or text cut IN) stones are popular and economical. Each bear my distinctive personal fonts, and distict character. While “YOU ROCK” is my favored theme, and I can also create any names or short phrases for you. Check out examples in the Small Stones section!

Contact me at Curator@YouRock.ROCKS to order.

Mark Robbins, Artisan